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Quality Time and Kids

Updated: Jun 20

Families have a limited amout of time to share together each week. With parents working and children in school, hanging out with friends, and being involved in other activities, a typical weeknight may only leave a family with 3-4 hours together in the evening before going to bed. This time is typically spent doing homework, housework, eating dinner, or just relaxing to decompress from the day.

With all of these other activities how can we find time to add in yet another activity? This is a question that many families ask. When it comes to quality time there are a few things to focus on. These are quality and consistency. Try to schedule 15-30 minutes to give your child one on one, undivided attention. This means no electronics (yes that means you too parents) that may distract you or your child. Quality time can be things such as playing their favorite board game or even just coloring together. For younger kids getting on the floor and playing their favorite toys or reading a book before bed.

Quality time together shows our children that they are important to us and gives them time to share and open up to us. Quality one on one time also can help with other areas as well, such as less behavior issues within the family and at school and better mental and emotional health.

Kids need to feel loved and cared for. It’s not enough to only be there for important occasions or crises; children need love and attention on a regular basis to become mentally and emotionally strong individuals. Kids learn how to interact with others based on what they see at home. It’s crucial to not only tell our kids we love them, but to actually show that we do. The easiest way to do this is to spend quality time together.

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