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Group Therapy at The Kid's Therapy Center

Group therapy is a mental health service that allows for children to not only learn a new skill but also learn from other children with similar struggles. It is normal for some children to prefer to be around adults especially if they have had few chances to be around other children. Children need to be around others so they can practice and learn productive social skills and thinking patterns. Children can have difficulty interacting with others, which is a skill that is needed for our entire life, if this need is not met constructively. The groups at The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC will consist of using art or play to learn the skill and interact with other group members in a supportive and fun environment.

Groups we offer:

Lego groups

Food for Mood for parents

Circle of Security for parents

Click to our events to get the current schedule. 

Check out a playlist of videos about our groups, here.

Group therapy
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