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The Kid's Therapy Center FAQ's

  • What should I tell my child about therapy?

    • We understand that it maybe difficult to explain to your child why they are coming to therapy. Typically a child that will be in play therapy can be told they are going to play and it helps us when we have someone special to play with.


  • How am I involved in the session?

    • Our Center understands that parents know their children best therefore we take great care in involving them in the therapy process. Typically, during each session, the therapist takes time to meet with the parents as well as the child. There may even be times the parents are invited to participate in sessions with their child.


  • Will insurance cover mental health therapy for my child?

    • We take a variety of insurance companies. Please take a look under payment for our list. It is recommended that you contact your insurance carrier's behavior health department to find out what benefits are covered under your plan.

  • Do you see adults?

    • Yes! We understand that lives can be busy and at times overwhelming and we would like to help. We work with adults in many different life circumstances and from many different backgrounds. If you are a parent we can set up appointments at the same time your children are being seen to save you a trip to help with life's busy schedules. 

  • Is the wellness track required for me to come to The Kid's Therapy Center, LLC?

    • No.​ You are not required to participate in the wellness track. We as a clinic we like to offer many different avenues to help address aliments you may be struggling with. 

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