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School Based Mental Health Services

As adults, we are aware of the impact that stress and anxiety can have on ourselves and those around us, so it is not surprising to learn that children and adolescents often experience similar stressors or events.


Some of these stressors, situations, or issues can have long-lasting effects on children if they are not offered the opportunity to process them appropriately and accurately. Offering children an outlet to express emotions, learn coping strategies, and identify or form stable support systems are all methods which can assist children in managing stressors and obtaining life skills that will assist them long after the therapeutic relationship has concluded.


The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC is committed to assisting children and adolescents through various counseling mediums and techniques, including implementing assistance via in-school mental health therapy. There are many advantages to offering in-school therapy including:

  • Services would be provided in the school-setting, which means that the child would not have to leave the academic environment

  • Transportation of the child would be eliminated: parents or caregivers would not have to leave work or schedule time off in order to transport the child to therapy

  • Therapy would be provided in a setting the child is already familiar and comfortable with

  • The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC provides insurance and liability coverage for any and all of in-school mental health providers

  • The academic institution would provide appropriate therapy space for services


The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC in-school mental health therapy would offer assistance to children and adolescents via creative therapy such as play and art. Children who benefit from such therapies include those faced with difficulties in relationships or with peers, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger, or power struggles.


In-school mental health assistance abides by and enforces the traditional guidelines, ethics, and rules which are standard and supported by in-office counseling programs. The school provides the space with the family responsible for the payment of services.  The following are a list of schools partnering with us :

Solen, Napoleon, & Steele, ND 


If you are an agency wanting to partner with us or a caregiver in hope for this service at your school please contact us at 701.751.0384.


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