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Upcoming Events at The Kid's Therapy Center

*Below is a brief description of each event for more information click the title of the group to be directed to that groups specific page. 
COSP - Circle of Security® Parenting™ 
  • This group is great for parents with children who are looking for tools to understand and read their child’s emotional needs and support the development of their child's self-esteem.

Food for Mood
  • Become your child's food detective. Learn ways to promote mental wellness with nutrition. Topics include food sensitivities, label reading, supplementation, lifestyle coping skills and healthier options for your household.

Lego Builds & Social Skills 
  • For our social skills groups, we are looking to improve overall outcomes of communication, teamwork, confidence, and decision making. We are looking to facilitate a positive environment for children to work together and collaborate on various projects through the art of building Lego.

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