Parent-Child Therapy at The Kid's Therapy Center

The relationship you have with your child lasts a lifetime. Sometimes as parents we may feel our child is not responding or caring about us the way we want them too and we would like to better this relationship.


Parent-child therapy is a mental health service for a parent and child (from birth - teens) where improvement of the relationship is the primary goal. There are many different models of how this may work. A therapist may allow for open discussion on the difficulties of the relationship and guide them to better their relationship or a therapist may have them interact with each other and provide the parent direction. Often the concepts of play or art therapies are suggested to the parent as a means of building relational strength.


Communication from the therapist with the parent during therapy may be accomplished with a “bug in the ear” device. This non-invasive communication device allows the therapist to direct the parent and suggest play or art activities that might enhance the relationship. Some of the families who use this service are families who are having difficulty because their child is defiant or the parent is not emotionally connecting with their child. In other instances, the parent and child might have had a fairly healthy relationship but a traumatic event triggered the need for some adjustments.