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Internet Counseling at The Kid's Therapy Center

What is it?

Internet counseling is technology –assisted distance counseling which utilizes the assistance of a computer to deliver a synchronous interaction process. This process represents communication that has little or no gap time between client and counselor response, which allows the experience to be similar to a face-to-face counseling session. Internet counseling utilizes a web-camera to provide individual video-based counseling  during which time the client and the therapist are able to see and hear each other.


Who is internet counseling appropriate for?

  • Clients who reside in a rural or remote area and have limited access to traditional therapy practices

  • Clients who would be required to travel long distances

  • Clients or caregivers who are unable to request an extended amount of time off from work or school

  • Clients who desire or require a therapist who specializes in children and adolescent therapy

  • Client who feels safer meeting remotely due to the pandemic

Who is internet counseling not appropriate for?

  • Clients who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with using a computer

  • Clients who has been diagnosed with a major mental illness

  • Clients who desire or are required to express themselves through a medium such as play or art.


What areas does it help?

  • Social and peer relationships

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adjusting/Transitioning to life events

  • Aggression

  • Identity uncertainties

  • Self-esteem

  • Defiance

  • Parenting support and guidance



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