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The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC specializes in treating children of all ages. Children at very young ages can have mental health issues or difficulties adjusting to a life event. The sooner the child is able to learn how to cope or adjust the sooner they can continue to have a healthy childhood.


Our Process

The first session will consist of the therapist and parent/caregiver. A complete history will be obtained and treatment goals will be discussed. Based on the goals and personality of the child the treatment modality (play, art ext.) will be established. In all cases we attempt to use a creative therapy to allow the child to express themselves in their own way.


The following sessions will include the therapist meeting with the child first and then the caregiver at the end, unless it’s a parent-child session. The caregiver and the therapist will work together to better help the child by being open with each other about the progress or lack of progress the child is making. To add, as the therapist updates the treatment goals the parent will be informed.


Types of therapy we use are:

  • Play therapy

  • Art therapy

  • Sandplay therapy


When does a child need therapy?

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a child needs help or if it is a “stage” of development that is difficult. The following is a list to guide you but feel free to call us for any questions.

A child may feel

  • Sad and hopeless for no reason, and these feelings do not go away.

  • Very angry most of the time and crying a lot or overreacting to things.

  • Worthless or guilty often.

  • Anxious or worried often. They may complain of stomachaches often.

  • Unable to get over a loss or death of someone important.

  • Extremely fearful or having unexplained fears.

  • Constantly concerned about physical problems or physical appearance.

  • Frightened that his or her mind either is controlled or is out of control.


A child may change by:

  • Showing declining performance in school.

  • Losing interest in things once enjoyed.

  • Experiencing unexplained changes in sleeping or eating patterns.

  • Avoiding friends or family and wanting to be alone all the time.

  • Daydreaming too much and not completing tasks.

  • Feeling life is too hard to handle.

  • Hearing voices that cannot be explained.

  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts.

  • Seeming obsessed with being perfect

  • Experienced a difficult life event; divorce, death, abuse, witnessed violence or a fight


A child behaves in away that is a concern:

  • Violating the rights of others or constantly breaking the law without regard for other people.

  • Setting fires.

  • Doing things that can be life threatening.

  • Killing animals.

  • Frequent temper tantrums

  • Power struggles


Other concerns of a child may include:

  • Nightmares

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulty adjusting from a life event


How do you get started?

You can get started by contacting us to set up an initial appointment. A therapist will meet with you to discuss your concerns, fill out paperwork, and set up a first appointment with your child.


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