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Welcome to Our World!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Holistic Mental Health, Children, Teens, Adults, & Parenting.

Hello friends, I am Valerie Meyers-Bitz, LPCC-S, Owner, Counselor, of The Kid's Therapy Center. I am a business owner, mom, wife and so much more. In my day-to-day, life my goal is to help others, spoil my staff, provide guidance to my children, and love my husband and family. My "family" includes my amazing extended family, cousins raised as siblings, family dinners that consist of 30 or more and fur babies. Dogs, I have 2 but love almost all animals. I'm the one who lets everyone know when I spy a "puppy dog".

Life is an adventure, and each

day has something special.

I decided to blog as I have things I would love to share with others. Things that can maybe make someone else's life better. Things that we can learn from and things we may laugh from.

Have fun, eat real food, supplement, meditate, practice positive thoughts, and love.

Val Meyers - Bitz

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