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At The Kid's Therapy Center, we are excited to offer the service of Brainspotting (BSP). We have added four more therapists who are now trained in Level 2 Brainspotting, which leaves us with 7 counselors who can now offer BSP services.

Brainspotting is a form of psychotherapy that reaches the non-verbal portion of the brain, reducing the need for extensive talking. Brainspotting helps release emotional trauma, negative emotions, or physical pain stored in your brain and your body. Brainspotting can help clients go deeper quicker than talk therapy because it bypasses the part of the brain, neocortical, where speech and language lives. Instead, it works directly with the portion of the brain where the emotional and traumatic memories live, the subcortical or limbic portion of the brain. Brainspotting is a form of brain-body therapy that allows us to identify, process and release emotional stress, trauma, and negative emotions that we hold.

Dr. David Grand developed Brainspotting and coined the motto “where you look affects how you feel”; it refers to the position of our eyes connecting to the encapsulated distress in the limbic brain. Brainspotting helps those with mental health conditions such as anxiety and panic, depression, physical/emotional trauma, issues related to ADD and ADHD, phobias, OCD, sports performance, and other conditions.

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