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Young Businesswomen

Education on Supplements at The Kid's Therapy Center

As a health care professional many patients look to us for education or advice on their daily life.

Why consider nutraMetrix for your practice?


Wellness is becoming more important to many and are already buying supplements for their families. By offering a high quality supplement you can help educate and monitor your patients wellness.


For your patients:

  • Customized regimens for their needs

  • Quality products w no binders or fillers

  • Products that taste good and easy to use with both adults and children.


In addition you are creating an income stream for your practice by providing a product/service your patients are already doing.

For your practice:

  • Another source of income

  • Education: locally, web based, and nationally on wellness and regimens

  • Become a business partner with The Kid's Therapy Center and receive great mentorship


Common questions:


Do I need to order product? Every practice is different. We usually suggest to have a few of the main products on hand.  Your customers may order online at a web portal jut for you.


Can I get more information?

You can call us at the clinic 701.751.0384

or visit other websites:


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