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TCTSY: Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Welcome to learning about a new service, Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). We are the only certified program in the state of North Dakota. TCTSY is an evidence-based treatment for complex trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also beneficial to other mental health areas and secondary trauma.
Core Principles of TCTSY
  • Invitational Language – For example “You are welcome to…” or “Go into a form”
  • Choice Making – you may choose to move or stay still
  • Enteroception – recognizing when you are sensing this in your body or when you are not
  • Non-Coercion – you choose to do the form or not, you decide what your body needs
  • Present Moment – shared authentic experience, opportunity to share throughout the session about your own experience and what you might be feeling


  • Is TCTSY only for individuals who have trauma?

              There are groups for a wide range of mental health difficulties not just trauma. The intake process will allow us to find the correct group for you and your mental health needs. Its not uncommon to have a group for anxiety, depression, anger etc.


  • Does it trigger past trauma?

              This modality is about assisting you through the trauma or feelings.  The healing process is through movement and assisting you in releasing the trauma/feelings where you are holding it in your body. It allows you to take back control.


  • What is the cost?

              TCTSY is an Evidence-based modality that can be billable to most insurances. It is done in a group therapy or individual therapy. 

  • Is it religious?

              No. TCTSY is an evidence-based mental health treatment model and not a part of a religious modality.

  • How should I come dressed?

              TCTSY allows for loose-fitting pants and shirts. The full body must be covered. Traditional yoga pants/clothing is not recommended. We suggest wearing normal comfortable clothing so that there is less exteroceptive ‘noise’ in the environment.

  • I am not flexible, can’t balance, or have physical limitations?

              TCTSY allows for all individuals to be able to participate no matter their abilities. Accommodations can be provided if needed.

  • I am not comfortable in groups, I am self-conscious of my body, or is this modality appropriate for me?

              TCTSY is offered in individual or group sessions, in person, or via telehealth. The facilitator is a licensed counselor and can implement treatment goals specific to the patient.

  • I am afraid of making mistakes and being called out?

              In TCTSY, the facilitator allows you to be present in your own experience and your practice. Therefore, you can be it is okay for you to be in a different form or shape than others.

  • I do not like being touched?

              In TCTSY there is no touching.

  • What does a session look like? Is this like traditional yoga?

             Adults – it is based on the body moving, some of the forms/shapes may represent traditional yoga. The verbiage in the session looks like “form or shape” instead of using verbiage such as “pose” as we don’t want to use triggering verbiage.

             Children – also have movement  but include mental health art/game activities incorporated into their sessions 

  • How do I start?

              The first steps are to complete an intake and treatment plan.

  • Can I start at any time?

              The TCTSY groups are closed, meaning we have specific start dates for sessions.

  • What if I already have a counselor?

              We encourage you to be in counseling during this process in order to assist you through trauma healing. We encourage you to continue seeing your counselor while attending TCTSY sessions.

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