Health and Wellness Program


Our Health and Wellness Program has many different ways you and your family can implement it in to your lives. 

​ Wellness Consultation. 

  • Our wellness consultations are a 30 minute one-on-one meeting with a professional trained in integrative health. During this consultation the professional will help lay out options such as clean lifestyle changes, supplements, or testing that may work for you and your family.  

  • To set up your Wellness Consultation please call us at 701.751.0384


Clean Lifestyle Changes

  • During your wellness consultation the professional can provide you information and resources to help inform you in the following areas:

    • Label Reading​

    • Low-Glycemic (TLS) Eating

    • Detoxes

      • Cellular Detoxes​

      • Detox Baths

    • Food Sensitivities


GeneSNP (Not being offered at this time)

  • The nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis tests for 17 genes and how they impact mental health. Our nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis looks at the following genes that are related to behavioral and emotional health:

    • ​FAIM2

    • SEC16B

    • ETV5

    • MC4R313

    • BDNF

    • TAS2R38-98

    • MC4R

    • TAS2R38-66

    • HTR2A

    • NEGR1

    • LEP039

    • DRD2277    

    • DRD2497   

    • COMT

    • NBPF3

    • FUT2

    • MTHFR


  • For more information on the nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis please visit www.genesnp.com

  • To set up an appointment for your own nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis or to implement it into your own practice please stop in or call us at 701.751.0384.