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Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

lisa watkins photo.png

Lisa Watkins
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner- Board Certified
certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Reiki Level III Master


Lisa has a gift of helping those with mental health difficulties. Her specialty is applying diet and supplements for relief and stabilization.  

Medication Management is reimbursed by Sanford and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

1) Ages 14 and above
2) Psychiatric Evaluation
3) Medication Review and tapering
ENERGY WORK (Healy, Reiki and Emotion Code)
75$ for 30 minute session- no insurance
1) All ages
2) Mental Health concerns - anxiety, depression, sleep etc.
$100 for assessment/$75 for 30 minute follow up
1) All ages
2) Wellness evaluation, conventional lab testing, functional medicine testing, OATs test, Hair analysis, GI testing
3) Mental health assessments and holistic treatment options – supplements, nutrition, herbs and spiritual/emotional
4) Thyroid testing and follow up
5) Adrenal testing and follow up
6) GI testing and follow up – candida, clostridia, parasites etc!
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