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GeneSNP at The Kids Therapy Center


  • The nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis tests for several genes and how they impact mental health. Our nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis looks at the following genes that are related to behavioral and emotional health:

    • ​FAIM2

    • SEC16B

    • ETV5

    • MC4R313

    • BDNF

    • TAS2R38-98

    • MC4R

    • TAS2R38-66

    • HTR2A

    • NEGR1

    • LEP039

    • DRD2277    

    • DRD2497   

    • COMT

    • NBPF3

    • FUT2

    • MTHFR


  • For more information on the nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis please visit

  • To set up an appointment for your own nutraMetrix®️ Gene SNP DNA Analysis or to implement it into your own practice please stop in or call us at 701.751.0384.

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