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Family Check-Up & Everyday Parenting

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Family Check-Up


Family Check-Up was designed to reduce child behavior problems, reduce childhood depression, reduce adolescent substance use, improve school adjustment and self-regulation, and increase positive parenting.


  • The Family Check-Up has 3 main components:

    1.  An initial interview to explore parental strengths and challenges related to parenting and the family context;

    2. A family assessment that includes parent and child questionnaires and a videotaped observation of family interactions;

    3. Tailored feedback that involves reviewing assessment results and discussing follow-up service options for the family.

      • Follow-up services may include the Everyday Parenting program, which is a parenting management program that we provide here at TKTC.

















Family Check-Up has been found to be one of the most cost-effective, "well supported" evidence-based practice across the widest age group of 2-17 and is backed by almost 30 years of research.


Family Check-Up is an empirically supported intervention with the goal of promoting healthy child development.

Family Check-Up focuses on the specific needs and strengths of each family. It provides parents with the tools that they need to manage their children’s behaviors effectively and to build a strong and positive relationship with their children.


Everyday Parenting


Everyday Parenting builds on the Family Check-Up and is designed as a companion program for the Family Check-Up. When used together, parents who wish to improve their parenting and family management skills can work with their Family Check-Up provider to address those goals after completing the Family Check-Up.


The Everyday Parenting program is a research-based family management training program that addresses three main skill areas:

  1. Supporting positive behavior

  2. Setting healthy limits

  3. And building family relationships

If you would like to share information on this program attached is our flyer.

You can also check out our playlist of videos on Family Check-Up/Everyday Parenting here.

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